• 【 Website Design 】

    We are ready to create a website that is special and unique just for you.

  • 【 Hair Salon 】

    Customized Software for all type of small and medium business.

    【 Wholesale Store 】

    Including all business management functions, inventory control, customer management, account receivable, payable, and all kinds of reports. It was widely used in food and beverage wholesale industries, computers wholesale store, etc

    【 Liquor Store 】

    Intelligent member data analysis and accurate customer behavior tracking.

    【 Hardware Store 】

    Customer information management and transaction details management.

    【 Laundromat 】

    Quick order openings, clothing photo descriptions, and barcode labeling.

    【 Restaurant 】

    Specialized in restaurant POS computer management systems as well as other POS systems for various stores, such as laundromats, liquor stores, etc.

  • 【 Gift Card Printing 】

    We provide gift card design and production, the price is affordable.

  • 【 Calendar Printing 】

    Annual calendar printing with thousands of design choices and styles.

  • 【 Security Camera 】

    We have a variety of cameras for indoor and outdoor security. Cameras are of assured quality.

  • 【 Accessories 】

    We provide a convenient supply of paper rolls, ribbons, and cables.